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Anti-Emo, Mar 13th, 2011


Not everything we experience in our lives is good. There will always be bad days, things we mess up or just bad luck. The message from this week’s playlist is: don’t let these things get you down! Don’t fret about the small injustices or things that went wrong. It is wasted energy and who knows what you miss while you sit at home and grumble. So you will notice songs that tell you that you aren’t the only one who has some bad times, songs that tell you to carry on and accept your fate and songs that will help you to lift your mood.

Sing-A-Long, Feb 27th, 2011


Two weeks ago Sina submitted her Kassettenkiste with the “Sing-a-long” theme. When I went home from sports just yesterday I decided that I would let myself be inspired by that playlist.
Last few days it has been icky weather - however, as I drove home, rays of sun were warming my skin and I felt the urge of turning my music really loud and just sing along.
As soon as the tune kicks in, I really don’t care how I look from outside the care, drumming, singing, screaming… One might actually think that I’m being angry, beating up my car. So, these are my songs to sing! YEAH!!!

Bologna, Feb 20th, 2011


Everybody knows how music can make you remember places and feelings – this week, I decided to present you with the songs that remind me of Bologna and of places I visited while I lived there, because I’m really homesick for “La Rossa” – especially because I had an invitation to go there this weekend to celebrate one of my friends’ birthday, and it would have been great to see everybody again – but my exams are keeping me from going.
These songs remind me of my roommate’s and my trip to Sicily, where we toured the whole Island with a Fiat, of the times we spent at our favorite place for Latte Macchiato, of the times we spent sitting on our windowsill late at night, taking in the warm summer breeze, talking about our lives and our futures.

Sing-A-Long, Feb 13th, 2011


Sounds familiar? Who doesn’t like to sing in the car? Everyone knows at least one embarassing occasion, when we sung from the top of our lungs to the song of the moment, when we were looked at as if we were retards.
I just love to chant, whistle or drum on the steering wheel to my sheer endless playlist of favorite songs, always thinking “Who cares… no one will see me anyway!”. Also, I tend to get in the mood of thinking and getting away from it all.
Go ahead and listen to my Kassettenkiste and chant, whistle and drum along!

Melancholy, Feb 06th, 2011


Every once in a while joy throws little stones at my window. It wants to let me know that it’s waiting for me. But sometimes I can’t see because you just hypnotize me and then I lie flat on my back, which is an elegant and comfortable position. I stop thinking and just listen to some melancholic songs, until I recognize joy doesn’t need to throw any more little stones.

Summer, Jan 30th, 2011


Imagine a warm summer day. You just wake up in the early evening after a short powernap. You’ve spent the whole day at the Lake, played some Beachvolleyball and went swimming.

Now its time to mount your bike. While you are driving to the Barbecue party the exhaustions from the day turns into the purest feeling of satisfaction mixed with anticipation. At the Barbecue you meet some really old friends you havent seen in a while. There is much to talk about and a lot more to laugh about.

As the evening continues the mood shifts slowly from mellow to party, this will be a great night.

TV Addict, Jan 23th, 2011


I am kind of an TV addict. I don’t watch alot of TV, but I love to watch movies. What also gets me hooked are good TV ads; I will stroll along the streets singing or whistling the ads’ music.

This Kassettenkiste you might actually be manipulated to buy one or two products, but I can guarantuee, I did not earn a single buck here! Can you guess all products?!

Distraction, Jan 17th, 2011


How about some distraction?!

Distraction happens through lack of attention, lack of interest, a bigger interest in something else or special intensity, newness or desiribility of the object of distraction.

I just love “distraction”. Time and time again, it helps to leave things behind. Sometims, I catch myself being distracted.

My most frequent object of “tempation” being music. Regardless of where the music comes from - even what kind of music it is, for that matter - I am getting distracted. I am enjoying every tune I hear, humming, and taking every bit. In an instant, I created my lone, new world.

These songs aren’t just any songs, I caught somewhere in between. No! Every single one distracted me in their very own way. Be it sorrow, anger, boredom oder happiness; for a couple of minutes I am being taken on a journey. Give yourself a try!

Emotions - Pt. 2 Friskiness, Dec 2th, 2010


This time I would like to share a couple of songs which always make me dance around my flat and sing at the top of my lungs (my poor neighbors, I should really not be singing)! Anyways, no matter how bad I feel or how many bad things happened that day - when I hear one of these songs, it just gets to me and I forget about all of it…

Some of the songs remind me of special occasions, but the thing I most remember due to these songs is dancing all around my room in Italy with two close friends, all of us singing and jumping… We ended up laughing so hard we were crying (people who know me know that this happens to me quite a bit… but to those two, it doesn’t!)…

Enjoy, and maybe these songs will make you as frisky and happy as they make me!